a) There was a devastating flood in Malda district in August 2017. Flood relief work was conducted in response to the urgent demand of the affected people of the district. Relief Work was conducted in eightareas of the district. The total amount spent was nearly Rs 8 lakhs, with the active assistance of the Headquarters, Belur Math and sympathetic donors. In addition to food materials - saree, children garments and trousers were also distributed during the relief operations. b) Winter relief was conducted by Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Malda from 3rd November, 2017 to 14th February 2018. A total of 1159 blankets, 50 woolen garments and 324 woolen caps were distributed in 19 villagesof Malda district among 1305 families. c) Regular relief is being provided on Sundays to approximately 70 widows. Oneindividual widow gets rice (300 grams) and potato (200 grams) every Sunday. d) Under the Mumbai Donor Trust funds the following items were purchased and distributed among mothers (recent or would be) of two villages viz. Chakbandi Colony and Mihir Das Colony – Mothers’ Horlicks, Bournvita etc. e) Bleaching Powder and Phenyl were purchased for distribution among the two rural primary schools (Chakbandi Colony and Shyamdaspukur) and the five coaching centres(Mission Ghat, Mihir Das Colony, Palasbari, Shisha Bari, Vivekanandapally Khaspara). Gas cylinders and ovens were also distributed to 18 poor families of the five villages where the coaching centres are located.