One aspiring to be a formal member of the Ramakrishna Order of Monks:-

  1. must be under 30 years of age
  2. have at least a degree
  3. be reasonably healthy and pass a physical exam.
  4. must renounce his family and other things like job etc.,
  5. Absolute celibacy, burning renunciation, obedience to seniors and readiness to practice all the 4 Yogas as depicted by Swami Vivekananda either singly or totally according to the circumstances he is placed in, are required.
  6. Must undergo a training period of 3 years as pre-probationer, 2 years of training as probationer at the Training Centre of Belur Math, the Head Quarters of Ramakrishna Order. He will become a Brahmachari with a new name and the prefix ‘Chaitanya”.
  7. After 4 more years of disciplined life ie., (3+2+4=9) after completing 9 years he will get the vows of a Monk/Sannayasi . He will get a new name with the prefix “Swami”
  8. Those who are desirous of leading this glorious life may contact any of the Ramakrishna Centers . For the Address of Ramakrishna Centers click the link.